When Joy Came to Stay

by Karen Kingsbury

Paperback, 2006



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Multnomah (2006), Edition: Reprinted, 387 pages


Fiction. Literature. Romance. Christian Fiction. HTML:Maggie Stovall is trapped inside a person she�??s spent years carefully crafting. Now the truth about who she is�??and what she�??s done�??is bursting to the surface and sending Maggie into a spiral of despair. Will she walk away from everything, or can Maggie allow God to take her to a place of ultimate honesty�??before it�??s too late? Maggie Stovall. One of the golden people. She has it all together. At least on the surface�?� Ben Stovall. Godly husband. Successful attorney. Has no idea of the darkness about to overtake his life�?� Amanda Joy. Child of society. Abused, broken, thrown away. But her trust in God is still alive�?� When Joy Came to Stay is the heart-wrenching story of one woman�??s descent into the shadows of depression, her husband�??s search for understanding, and a precious child�??s unwavering faith. "Kingsbury�??s poignant tale of a lost and broken family and how they experience God�??s miraculous healing is a sure guarantee to bring hope and joy to her readers." �??Melody Carlson, bestselling author, Diary of a Teenage Girl series "A thought-provoking account of the battle of depression in a believer�??s life. It leaves no doubt that God is loving, merciful, and faithful." �??Nancy Moser, author, The Mustard Seed series Story Behind the Book �??Each of my novels is a piece of my heart. Where Yesterday Lives was my first-ever novel, and as such it is somewhat autobiographical. The childhood story of Ellen Barrett, her love for her parents and siblings, is my story�??though her current story and struggles are fictional. On Every Side sheds light on the struggle for religious freedom in today�??s climate; something I am passionate about. Finally, When Joy Came to Stay is the story of one woman�??s battle against depre… (more)

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LibraryThing member misfev
This book should come with a disclaimer telling you to grab a box of tissue before reading! A great book though!
LibraryThing member dragonflychic76
When I read this book, I cried. Karen Kingsbury weaves a tale that is both poignant and heartfelt, with characters easily identified with. This is a story of hope and redemption, a story of God's unfailing love in a time when all seems lost.

Maggie Stovall has the perfect life and the perfect
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husband. Yet underneath, her heart is broken and her soul is shattered. A little girl named Amanda Joy is one of the forgotten children. Given up, abused...yet her faith remains strong.

This book will bring tears to your eyes. It is truly heartbreaking, amazing, wonderful! God does perform miracles...you just have to trust in Him.
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LibraryThing member MomsterBookworm
The story centers around the theme of depression. The book opens with the central character wrestling with the misconception that Christians (which is what she is) are not supposed to get depressed, for it draws the extension that one's faith is weak, or that one is not a good enough believer, or
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that one is a 'bad person'.

Being trapped in the darkness of one's mind is still predominantly perceived as a taboo subject and a shameful admission. So the victims suffer quietly behind masks, some really struggling to get through day-to-day living, trying their best to hold onto the vestiges of normalcy, so as not to be judged by others.

Bottom line: Extend compassion to everyone you meet, for you do not know what they are battling with -- it might either be an ailment of the body or mind, but a listening ear and a caring heart, goes a long way in working wonders. And if you, or anyone you know, is battling an unseen phantom of the mind -- do reach out and seek help.
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LibraryThing member gentlespirit512
Another tearjerker.


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