A Moment of Weakness (Forever Faithful)

by Karen Kingsbury

Paperback, 2015



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Multnomah (2015), 464 pages


Fiction. Literature. Romance. Christian Fiction. HTML: Had they found each other again after all these years, only to lose everything that matters most?As children, Jade Conner and Tanner Eastman were best friends�??until scandal drove them apart. Then, one golden summer, they find each other again.  Through endless days they share their hearts and souls and dreams of forever.  Then, in a moment of weakness, they make a decision that will tear them apart for nearly a decade. In their own separate corners of the country, Jade and Tanner have become fighters for religious freedom. Now Jade�??s unfaithful husband is determined to destroy her in a custody battle that will rock the nation and shake people�??s understanding of faith and freedom. Could Jade lose her only child because of her faith? Only one man can help her in her darkest hour. And only one old woman knows the secret about that summer and the truth that can set them all free.… (more)

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LibraryThing member Harley0326
Jade Connef and Tanner Eastman grew up together and became best friends. They were always together and had the best time. Tanner told Jade that one day he would grow up and marry her. How many of us have made that promise as kids ? It is a sweet memory that sometimes become real. Everything is
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going well until one day Jade and her move. They have hopes of finding her mom that left them. It was hard to leave her best friend, but she hoped one day to return and rekindle their friendship. But as we all know, sometimes things don't go the way you hope. Jade never moved back and her hope of ever seeing Tanner became a distant memory.

Years later Jade is working as a nurse in a hospital where closure is being discussed. Tanner just happens to be the person who is presenting the case and who dies he spot? Could it be his best friend from so long ago? Do they still share feelings for each other? The author writes s moving story with deep emotion of two people who drifted apart and now must face their feelings again. Is their faith still strong ? Can Tanner's ambition to peruse political aspirations get in between them? There will be a moment that will change their lives forever , but will they be able to overcome pain, and forgiveness to get a second chance? It is a wonderful story that deals with redemption and flawed lives . God can restore what the enemy tried to use for bad, but will Tanner and Jade allow God to help thrm find their way back to Him and each other?

I received a copy of this book from Blogging For Books for an honest review.
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LibraryThing member KimSalyers
excellent read love her books
LibraryThing member KimSalyers
excellent read love her books


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