The Betrayal (Abram's Daughters, No. 2)

by Beverly Lewis

Paperback, 2003



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Bethany House Publishers (2003), Edition: 1st, 358 pages


Fiction. Romance. Christian Fiction. Historical Fiction. Leah and Jonas are confident their love is strong enough to span a half-year separation, but more than time and distance conspire to keep them apart.

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LibraryThing member bookishjoxer
A Follow-up to "the Covenant" I liked this one better because It hink more bits of the story was brought out and you got to see the girls a little older and shaping themselves into who they are going to be when they get even older still. Good read.
LibraryThing member hgcslibrary
Continues the journey of Abram's daughters, with Leah and her beloved Jonas now separated by hundreds of miles.
But more than time and distance are conspiring to keep them apart?
LibraryThing member sdbookhound
The Abram's Daughters series continues and this book is as good as the first. Keeps you reading and when finished ready to jump into the next.
LibraryThing member Kimmyd76
Loving this series. The second book in the Abrahm's daughters series. The ending leaves you wanting more so I look forward to reading on in this series of 5 books I believe.
LibraryThing member klburnside
I hate that I am reading this series, but somehow I can't stop. I was curious about this Amish fiction genre, and read the first book of the series a while back. I spent the past few days reading the next two. It felt like a strange addiction, almost like I felt when I was watching Gossip Girl all
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winter. (Funny comparison, since the characters and plots are so radically different.)

Anyway, I think what I was drawn to in this book is the simplicity of the lifestyle of the characters. And I was just really intrigued by the plot of the eldest daughter who became pregnant out of wedlock in the previous book and lost the baby. It seemed that her struggles were very real as she was trying to mourn the loss of her child while everyone around her was mourning the loss of her "virtue". It really made me angry how her family treated her, even those who were supposedly supportive. I just kept hoping someone would actually care for this poor girl, instead of praying that she would repent and see the errors of her ways. But alas, this book was not written for people like me.
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LibraryThing member chrirob
In book 2 of the Abram’s Daughters series, Sadie is still walking a dangerous path with her secret Englisher relationship, while Leah is discovering the joys of young romance. When Sadie’s sins begin to catch up with her, Leah makes a choice that may save her sister but unknowingly bring
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destruction in its wake.
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LibraryThing member Maydacat
Picking up where the first book left off, this story centers on Sadie and her sister Leah. These two sisters couldn’t be more different, yet still share a strong bond of love, but all that is threatened when Sadie’s actions cause trouble for herself and her family. Pitting sister against sister
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may not be the Amish way, that is what happens when Sadie betrays Leah’s kindness for her own selfish gain. Well written and a rather gripping tale, this story has many of the elements of a regular romance - jealousy, secrets, longings, hatred, lies, and more - but in an Amish setting.
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