The Birthright by Bunn, T. Davis, Oke, Janette. (Bethany House Publishers,2001) [Paperback]




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Bethany House,2001


The only living relative of Lord Charles Harrow, Nicole journeys from Nova Scotia to England at the onset of the Revolutionary War, to accept her duty as his heir. Filled with a desperate longing for home, Nicole invites her sister Anne to join her in England. Drawn by her deep love for Nicole, Anne and her infant son join her at the Hawrrow estate. But with war waging between England and the American colonies, a tragic secret threatens to surface and tear these sisters apart forever.

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LibraryThing member Lynngood
Since their reunion, Nicole and Anne have moved from "sisters" to best friends, but when Anne and her young son follow Nicole to their uncle Charles's English estate to become his heirs, they struggle to overcome the trials of keeping their birthright secret.
LibraryThing member SherylHendrix
I read this third in the Song of Acadia series before having completed the second book, and found that it satisfactorily answered most all the questions that the first book "The Meeting Place" had posed. This was a very quick read and the "surprise" resolution to the problem of legacy was very satisfactory. I look forward to finishing the second story and reading on in the series to find out what happens to Nicole and Anne, the two main protagonists.… (more)

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