Spring's Gentle Promise (Seasons of the Heart)

by Janette Oke

Paperback, 2010



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Bethany House Publishers (2010), Edition: Repackaged ed., 256 pages


"In the dimness of the early morning I could see field after neighborhood field as I let my gaze wander around me. First there was ours, I supposed I would always think of the farm as ours, Grandpa's, Uncle Charlie's and mine, though in truth it really was just mine now. Guess that was one of the reasons I was whistling. Just yesterday Grandpa and Uncle Charlie had signed all the official papers to make the farm mine, really and legally mine. Joshua Chadwick Jones they read, clear as could be. The full impact had yet to hit me. But I was excited. Really excited. I mean, what other fella my age had a farm his own, title clear and paid for? I sobered down a bit. It was a big responsibility. I mean, I was the one who had to make the farm bring forth now. Had to support Grandpa and Uncle Charlie and myself ... And adding to the challenge was a desire for a family of my own ..."… (more)

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Josh is in a quandary. Matilda is vivacious and lovely: Mary is sweet and supportive. And they won't remain single for very long. But how is he to go about courting someone he sees in his kitchen nearly every day? And , more importantly, whom does he truly love? the challenges and reward
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oflistening to your heart.....
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