Where the River Rises

by Rosie Boom

Paperback, 2015


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Due 21 March 2021



Boom Tree Publishing (2015), 338 pages


"As the Boom family begins a fourth year of living in their ninety-three-year-old barn, a terrible drought has Northland in its grip. The land turns brown, the Great River of Narnia falls, and the animals begin to suffer. As the relentless drought continues, thirteen-year-old Milly begins to think the rains will never come. But meanwhile there is a homestead to be finished and adventures to be had. There are calves to rear, gardens to plant and endless firewood to be collected. When the drought finally breaks and the river rises again, The Ruins have been transformed into a home crafted with love, blood, sweat and tears. Milly can hardly wait to move in. The time has come to leave the barn and begin a whole new adventure"--Publisher information.… (more)


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