A Woman's Place: A Novel

by Lynn Austin

Paperback, 2006



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Bethany House Publishers (2006), 448 pages


While their men fight on far-flung battlefields, America's women help produce what's necessary for victory. In a Michigan shipyard, four female co-workers forge strong bonds of friendship.

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LibraryThing member debs4jc
During WWII, four woman find their lives changed as the move beyond their traditional roles to take up jobs working in a factory. One has to challenge her traditional husband, another is reconnecting with people after sheltering herself from a painful past. One faces a touch decision regarding her boyfriend back home, and one is newly married and struggling to get along with her new in-laws. As their story is woven together they find strength in one another.
A well done historical novel, though not as suspenseful as I prefer.
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LibraryThing member wareagle78
A lovely story of four very different women who become a supportive group of friends when the are placed on the same crew in a shipyard during World War II. I loved their different stories and their search for more meaningful lives. It is Christian fiction, but unlike some in that genre it is a skillfully told story as well, one that made me care deeply for the women and their families.… (more)
LibraryThing member mom2acat
In this story, four very different women become friends during World War II as they work together helping to build ships in a small town in Michigan.

Helen is 50 year old school teacher from a wealthy family, driven by a loneliness that money can't fulfill. Rosie is a brash Italian girl, living with her in-laws and having a hard time putting up with their rules. Jean is a farm girl just out of high school, yearning to go to college and prove herself in a man's word, and Ginny is bored housewife, lacking self confidence.

As they work together, they bond and become friends as the war progresses, supporting each other through tough times and heartbreak.

I really enjoyed this story, and since it was set during war time, of course there some heartbreaking moments, but there was also hope and humor in it too. One of my favorite scenes in the book was when Rosa accidentally spiked her mother-in-law's punch for her church group meeting, getting all the women intoxicated; that one had me laughing!
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LibraryThing member judyg54
A well written story about 4 different women who find themselves working together to help build ships for WWII in the 1940's. It gave a realistic view of the culture and the struggles that people from all walks of life faced in that era. I grew to appreciate each lady, although a few of them seemed very hard to get close to at times.

Virginia is a housewife, trying to find purpose in her life as her family just seems to take her for granted. Helen is the oldest and has never married and she may have wealth, but is a very lonely and bitter lady (I will say her story surprised me at the end, wasn't expecting that). Rosa has had a hard life and now finds herself newly married and living with her strict in-laws while her husband is fighting in the war. Jean is a young lady determined to prove herself in a male dominated world. All these ladies face real struggles and I felt the author did a great job of making these ladies seem real. It is not always a happily ever after ending for these ladies, but then real life is that way. The hate and discrimination was real during this time for many people. I am glad I took the time to read 'A Woman's Place'.
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LibraryThing member cubsfan3410
Beautiful story about WWII era women and the problems they faced. Wonderful written and very likeable characters.


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