Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work

by Eugene H. Peterson

Paperback, 1992



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Eerdmans (1992), Edition: Reprint, 251 pages


Whereas much of the current literature on pastoring stresses up-to-date training and new techniques stemming from the behavioral sciences, Eugene Peterson here calls for returning to an "old" resource--the Bible--as the basis for all of pastoral ministry. Originally published in 1980 and now being reprinted to meet continuing demand, Five Smooth Stones for Pastoral Work shows how five Old Testament books provide a solid foundation for much of what a pastor does: Prayer-Directing: Song of Songs Story-Making: Ruth Pain-Sharing: Lamentations Nay-Saying: Ecclesiastes Community-Building: Esther Pointing to the relevance of ancient wisdom, adapting Jewish religious tradition to contemporary pastoral practice, and affirming a significant link between pastoral work and the act of worship, this book opens up to pastors a wealth of valuable practical-theological insights.… (more)

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LibraryThing member JohnnyBrooks
I was a bit skeptical, mostly as to the religious setting of this book, yet I was pleasantly surprised at how useful the material covered is to what we are doing here in Kenya.

Peterson takes a look at five books in the Old Testament and discusses how they are still relevant to pastoral work today,
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or at least back in 1980.

The Megilloth ( I know a new word for me too) is the books of Song of Solomon, Lamentations, Esther, Ruth, and Ecclesiastes. Eugene Peterson demonstrates, quite well, how each can be used in various ways by pastors today.

Well written, thought out, and crafted. I would recommend this to anyone at work in the Kingdom of God.
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