God’s Bible Timeline: The Big Book of Biblical History

by Linda Finlayson

Hardcover, 2020



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CF4Kids (2020), Edition: Illustrated, 96 pages


With colour illustrations, pictures, and pull-out timelines, this history book brings the whole Bible to life!   From Genesis to Revelation, from the beginning of time to the early church, from the first promise of a Saviour to the promise that one day that Saviour will return - this book spans all of time. Find out about how the God of all time spoke to his people and still speaks today through his Word.   This absorbing book is split into 6 colour-coded sections: Creation to the Promised Land Living in the Promised Land From One Kingdom to Two Exile and Return The Messiah The Early Church The eighteen illustrated timelines place Bible events side-by-side with other historical events, helping readers to understand how biblical history fits with other historical accounts. These timelines also draw together events from different books of the Bible, clearly showing, for example, when in Israel and Judah's history the prophets were speaking, and what else was happening at the time.   The timelines are interspersed with descriptions of notable people, maps and illustrations depicting key locations and occasions, as well as explanations of why certain incidents are so important.    Throughout the book there are icons drawing the reader's attention to: Promise of the Messiah Covenants that God made Judah's kings & prophets Israel's kings & prophets Seeing these things laid out in such a clear format helps to identify the threads of redemptive history that are woven throughout the Bible.   Written and designed by the same people who created the popular God's Timeline, this companion book will help young and old readers alike to understand the chronology of the Bible. It also includes a pull-out poster of the whole timeline, and the main heroes and villains mentioned in the Bible.… (more)


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