The Pieces of Summer: Part 4 (The Discovery - A Lancaster County Saga)

by Wanda E. Brunstetter

Paperback, 2013



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Shiloh Run Press (2013), 126 pages


Meredith Stoltzfus could never love anyone like she loved her husband, Luke. When a friend from her past stops by her home to offer a helping hand, Meredith hesitantly agrees. But deep down, she feels uneasy about it. How would it look to others, seeing Jonah around so often?

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LibraryThing member passionforbooks
And A Lancaster County Saga Continues!

I read this book in a couple of hours. Once you start you have to finish. I really enjoyed reading about what is going on in Meredith's life and what is happening in Luke's life. This is getting to be a real cliff hanger! Is Meredith falling for Jonah? On the
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other hand I am so frustrated that poor Luke still doesn't know who he is! I am looking forward to reading Part 5 - A Revelation in Autumn!
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LibraryThing member rhonda1111

Wow this ends with the best cliffhanger of all 4 parts of the series. Still keeps you wanting more.
If I was not so tired I would stay up to read part 5. Still love the story, the characters and I want to know how it all ends now. At least the way I am reading the books I don't have to wait a
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month to find out what happens next. I also don't have to worry about my faulty memories.

Still the story follows what happens to a couple Meredith and Luke who in part 1 were married only 14 months. Luke went out of town on a bus to visit his Uncle and learn his trade. The bus got in a accident and all abroad died.

Meredith has been going to childbirth classes with her sister Laurie and is preparing for the baby.
Laurie has been hiding a secret from everyone and secrets come out.
Jonah is coming to help her more and her mother-in-law warn him away. Jonah has trouble that keeps him away.
Eddie is awake and starting to heal but still can not remember his name or how he got hurt. His nurse wants to bring him into their grandparents to get back on his feet.

The story is one I don't want to put down. But it would be expensive to have to buy all six parts of the series. I am lucky that I have been given the ebooks and asked in return to give honest review of them by Netgalley.

I will definitely be reading more books by Wanda E. Brunstetter in the future.
Published May 1st 2013 by Barbour Books 128pages ISBN:1620291452
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LibraryThing member MonicaLynn
Everything is moving right along in Meredith's pregnancy and her life. She has Laurie and Alma around to help her out and Jonah keeps stopping by to help out. Jonah really does secretly love Meredith, however he knows is not ready for a relationship and she is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the
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darling Boppli and wondering if that will hurt or help her missing Luke.

Luke has awoken fully, however does not remember who his is and nothing is jogging his memory but his body is starting to heal. Anne and Susan have a wonderful idea to help Luke "Eddie" as they call him once he is released from the hospital since he has no where to go they have spoken to their grandparent's about allowing him to move in and help out until he can figure out his place in this world.

Meredith is also thinking of her feelings for Jonah but isn't quite sure. But everyone else especially Laure and Alma are seeing the spark there.

Another great book in this series.
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LibraryThing member SABC
Meredith misses her husband. A friend, Jonah stops by to help her, but what will others say?
LibraryThing member judyg54
The further I read in this series, the harder it is to put down. I find myself finishing one story, to just pick up and start the next book in this series. They are all quick reads and now that I am nearing the end of the story I just want to keep reading to see what happens next, even though I am
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pretty sure what is going to happen. The author does a good job of making her characters seem very real.

In this story Meredith and Jonah begin a very good friendship as Jonah tries to help Meredith around her farm. Meanwhile, Luke awakes form his coma and now must try to regain his memory, with the help of a very loving and caring family.
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LibraryThing member JenniferRobb
Summer comes to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Luke comes out of his coma but still hasn't recovered his memory.

Meredith's attitude has improved in this book compared to the previous one, but her mother-in-law now seems to be the one with a (somewhat) bad attitude.

It seems I was wrong about two
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characters possibly being set up by the author to pair up later--then again, who knows . . . it might still happen since the one's beau is not a church member.
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LibraryThing member NancyLuebke
Again I enjoyed this story of loss and grief, along with waiting for a newborn. I voluntarily chose to review this clean, Amish, story and I've rated it a 4.5*. Lots to enjoy in this, but again the big cliffhanger. I finished one and a half of these books in a evening. On to the next.


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