Teach Them to Work: Building a Positive Work Ethic in Our Children

by Mary Beeke

Paperback, 2021



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Reformation Heritage Books (2021), 240 pages


Family & Relationships. Christian Nonfiction. Religion & Spirituality. Nonfiction. HTML:Do your children exhaust you? Have you found yourself finishing their chores because it's, well, easier than getting them to do them? If so, this book will give you new energy, and your household new harmony. This book will help your children develop a good work ethic. Mary Beeke, healthcare professional, educator, and mother first helps you absorb parenting principles and then gives you practical principles to bring clarity to roles in your home. Mary breaks down the principles into manageable chunks so whether you want a reflective study to bring radical change in your life, or just need a shot in the arm, she has you covered..


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240 p.; 8.4 inches


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