North! Or Be Eaten: The Wingfeather Saga Book 2

by Andrew Peterson

Other authorsJoe Sutphin (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 2020



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WaterBrook (2020), Edition: Illustrated, 352 pages


Jealousies and bitterness threaten to tear apart the three Igiby siblings, heirs to a legendary kingdom across the sea, just when they must work together to battle the monsters of Glipwood Forest, the thieving Stranders of the East Bend, and the dreaded Fork Factory.

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LibraryThing member smittyvol
A great follow up to On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness! The story picks up right where the first book stopped. Peterson's writing is still fun and playful, but the story is a bit darker and more serious. Janner, Tink & Leeli learn more about who they really are and why Gnag and the Fangs are
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out to get them. The story is full of excitement, mystery, strange people and creatures, and surprises. Don't get enslaved in the Fork! Factory! Grab you book and sword. Watch out for toothy cows. Have fun!
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LibraryThing member andrewfahler
very good book a lot of action
LibraryThing member dkgarner95
I have SO MUCH LOVE for this series!

What a great sequel! With new friends, scarier foes, betrayls, secrets, and life lessons abound, the Igiby children take you on quite the wild ride in what is shaping up to be one of the most epic adventures ever!

I laughed, I cried (OMG, did I cry!), I gasped
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rather frequently, and I can't wait to jump into Book 3!
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LibraryThing member Lindz2012
North! Or Be Eaten is the second book of this Wingfeather Saga series. Though we start in Glipwood forest it seems like we get a bit about Tink and Janner and the Igiby family. I would suggest reading book 1 first. Though, I only got book 2. It was just as good without needing to read book 1.
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Though, I think it would be best if you want to know how and why we start where we do in “North!, or Be Eaten.”

We seem to be following Janner the most throughout the book. Though we get glimpses Tink. It seems that both Tink and Janner are what this book is about. Though the way Igiby family acts will they be able to survive.

What will happen to Janner and Tink and Leeli? Will they be able to stick together. Will they be killed by the Fang of Dang or the Stranders? I got the feeling something is up with their grandfather. Who wants the Igiby grandfather?

Will the sibling embrace their special talent or gifts? Will they allow Fangs and Gnag the nameless and others to betray them. It was an enjoyable read. Though a bit of it made me take a while to read. Once you get into the book it adventure of a ride.

The images that are drawn are wonderful. I love them. The author does a wonderful job of writing the story. I was more surprised at how it ends. There are quite a few twisted and turns throughout the book. Young adults and children will enjoy this book/ series. Good for middle-grade children and up.

The book is really clean and teaches some lessons as well as throughout the book. You would be surprised that this teaches about the importance of family, grace, friendship, trust, and sibling rivalry.
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Christy Awards (Nominee — Young Adult — 2010)


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