Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament

by D. A. Carson (Editor)

Other authorsG. K. Beale (Editor)
Hardcover, 2007



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Baker Academic (2007), Edition: unknown, 1280 pages


Readers of the New Testament often encounter quotes or allusions to Old Testament stories and prophecies that are unfamiliar or obscure. In order to fully understand the teachings of Jesus and his followers, it is important to understand the large body of Scripture that preceded and informed their thinking. Leading evangelical scholars G.K. Beale and D.A. Carson have brought together a distinguished team to provide readers with a comprehensive commentary on Old Testament quotations, allusions, and echoes that appear from Matthew through Revelation. College and seminary students, pastors, scholars, and interested lay readers will want to add this unique commentary to their reference libraries. - Publisher.

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Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society
While this is a rigorously scholarly work, it does not demand too much from those pastors and students who are willing to take the time to mine its riches. Those lacking Greek and Hebrew (transliterated when they appear) will have little trouble following most entries. Textual issues are addressed
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when they arise but are dealt with quickly. The challenge comes from the compactness of the writing and the many references to biblical (and extrabiblical) texts. There is a great deal of information here, and those who profit most will be the ones who like the Bereans read with an open Bible (or two) and take the time to examine carefully the references themselves. Students and scholars will find the commentary an invaluable basis for further study of the way(s) in which each NT author uses the OT and in which each OT text is used by various NT authors.
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LibraryThing member Pastor_Doug
Excellent reference book for those who already have a bible dictionary or a one-volume commentary; faithful to the broad scope of evangelical scholarship but not so technical that the layperson won’t benefit from it


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