The Photographic Atlas of the Stars

by H. J. P. Arnold

Other authorsPatrick Moore (Author), Paul Doherty (Author)
Hardcover, 1997

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QB65 .A74


Inst of Physics Pub Inc (1997), 220 pages


The Photographic Atlas of the Stars presents the whole of the night sky in 45 full-page colour photographs taken through a 35mm lens, so the field of view approximates to that of the naked eye. Each photograph is accompanied on the facing page by a map based on a negative print of that photograph, labelled to show the main stars of the constellations. The correspondence between photograph, map, and the way that region of sky actually appears, makes the use of this atlas completely intuitive - it is the first true photographic atlas. Paul Doherty created the maps, and each double-page spread of map and photograph is followed by an intriguing commentary by Patrick Moore, describing the stars and objects as they actually appear in the photograph. Tables give details of bright stars, double-stars, variable stars and deep-sky objects that may be seen with the naked eye or through binoculars (to limiting magnitude 8).Designed both as a working atlas and as a glorious photographic exposition of the whole sky, this book will appeal to astronomers at all levels of experience, from beginners to experienced observers, as well as to astrophotographers.… (more)


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12 x 8.75 inches


0750303786 / 9780750303781


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