Lexicon of Freemasonry

by Albert G. Mackey

Paper Book, 2004




Barnes and Noble (2004), Edition: First Thus, 524 pages


Purchase of this book includes free trial access to www.million-books.com where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: Crux Ansata, ?The crux ansata or cross, surmounted by a circle, thus, f was, in the Egyptian mysteries, a symbol of eternal life. Cube.?The cube is defined to be a regular solid body, consisting of six square and equal faces or sides, and the angles all right angles. In the double cube, four of the faces are oblong squares. The cube, from its perfect form, constitutes an important geometrical figure among Masons. The perfect Ashlar, it is supposed by some, should be of this figure, and the form of the lodge, taken in its height and depth, as well as its length and breadth, is a double cube, though in its superfices it constitutes only an oblong square. Cubical Stone.?The cubical stone forms an important part of the ritual of the Royal Arch and Rose Croix, as well as some other of the high degrees. We have a masonic legend respecting a cubical stone, on which the sacred name was inscribed. in a mystical diagram. On this stone Adam made his offerings to God. This stone is called the masonic stone of foundation, and our traditions very minutely trace its history. When Jacob fled from Esau to his uncle Laban, in Mesopotamia, he carried this stone with him, and used it as his pillow on the occasion of his memorable dream, the foot of the ladder appearing to rest On the stone. It was subsequently taken by him into Egypt, and when the Israelites departed from that country, Moses conveyed away with his followers the stone of foundation, as a talisman, by which they were to be conducted into the promised land. In the battle with the Amalekites he seated himself on this stone. Afterward this stone was deposited in a secret crypt of the Temple, in a manner well known to Select Masters, and there remained hidden until, at the rebuilding of the temple by Zerubbabel, it was discovered by..… (more)




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