Born In Brotherhood

by James McNabney

Paper Book, 2006


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AuthorHouse (2006), 588 pages


"Born in Brotherhood" is not about outlaw bikers.  Far from it.     It''s about the people who led America''s fight for liberty.  It''s about their values and ingrained principles.  It''s about the solemn vows that, with rare exception, molded their character.     "Born In Brotherhood" makes the War for Independence come alive.  It provides a brutally candid look at the embryonic struggles to achieve the American dream.     But James E. McNabney''s book goes even further.  By focusing on the Freemasons and revealing the Masonic vows taken by America''s most revered forefathers, "Born In Brotherhood" answers many of the attacks made upon this "secret" fraternity.     Except for the days of King Solomon, the world has been besieged by partisan struggles, religious wars, and sophistry from every persuasion --and lately, some slanted documentary and even terrorism.  "Born In Brotherhood" begs us to take a deeper look at what America stands for: principles that unite, not divide humanity; principles that remind us to oppose tyranny in any form.     American forefathers sacrificed their lives and fortunes to form a new nation, constitutionally empowering people of every nationality, sect or opinion to live peacefully together without fear of injustice.  "Born In Brotherhood" gives a small sample of the struggles, convictions and principles of our forefathers --principles that too many of us seem to have dangerously forgotten.    Written from years of historic and Masonic research, "Born In Brotherhood" presents the reader with a generally unique and unexplored dimension to America''s beginnings… (more)



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