Secrets of the Code

by Dan Burstein

Paper Book, 2006




Vanguard Press (2006), Edition: First Edition, 672 pages


Author's interpretation of the Da Vince Code, that has been listed on the New York Times Bestsellers list for over 52 weeks.

Original publication date




1593153678 / 9781593153670


½ (78 ratings; 3)

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LibraryThing member zhukora
I'd half hoped for a book featuring relevant historical background on some of the assertions made in The DaVinci Code, and I was encouraged by Burstein's introduction, as it sounded like this was what he was trying to achieve in writing Secrets of the Code. But it seems Burstein may not have had
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the requisite training or motivation to carry off such a moderately ambitious project, as his research seems to have consisted mainly of reading everything he could lay hands on about the subject without regard to whether it was written by crackpots or scholars, and his authorship seems to have consisted mainly of compiling excerpts "exploring" different "perspectives" about the possible historical basis of the persona of Mary Magdalene, et al., with minimal added conceptual synthesis or analysis (which is, I feel, a problem in itself, though I cannot review text which doesn't exist).

It's hard to lay blame on Burstein himself for the many strange, erroneous claims made by the authors he included (such as the statement by Lynn Picknett that the name of ancient Egypt, KMT, was a reference to the racial phenotype of its people rather than the fertility of its land), but he cannot be completely blameless as it's mainly due to his freewheeling standards for vetting sources that the historical connection of his text is tenuous at best.
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LibraryThing member dragonasbreath
While an intersting read that might provoke some thought, it is not up to the standards set by Holy Blood Holy Grail.
LibraryThing member dragonasbreath
A bit dry, but interesting read. Unlike Holy Blood, it tends to be a bit more negative and debunking of the mytholgys presented here.
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