Cracking the Freemasons Code: The Truth About Solomon's Key and the Brotherhood

by Robert L. D. Cooper

Paper Book, 2007




Atria Books (2007), 256 pages


Prompted by mounting public interest and provoked by controversial stories on the Freemason Society, respected historian and Scottish Freemason Robert L.D. Cooper offers a rare inside look at this secret brotherhood. As curator of the Scottish Masonic Museum and Library, the author has unparalleled access to material dictating the history and function of the Masons. In Cracking the Freemasons Code Cooper explains the structure of the Masonic interculture, its connections to covert organizations, the identities of historical Masonic members (who include George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), the locations of famous Masonic sites, and much more. Readers will discover the true role Freemasonry has played throughout history, its purposes, the functions of its many members, and the way in which it has helped shape our modern society. Laying out the symbolism, beliefs, and ethos of a Mason, Cooper addresses the considerable amounts of controversy surrounding those practices. His book includes never-before- published images and seldom-seen documents to give readers a privileged view of this elect brotherhood.… (more)



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Ovu izvanrednu knjigu napisao je mason koji je imao pristup retkom arhivskom materijalu. U njoj je, pored istorije i strukture slobodnog zidarstva, razjasnio simboliku, etos i uverenja masona; obelodanio je skrivene identitete slavnih članova bratstva, kao i lokacije od značaja, posebno
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ističući uticaj Škotske na razvoj slobodnog zidarstva. Na ovim stranicama, čitaoci će saznati šta je zapravo masonerija i koja je bila njena uloga u stvaranju modernog društva.
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