Lectures on the philosophy of freemasonry

by Roscoe Pound

Paper Book, 1915




Anamosa, Ia.. The National masonic research society (1915) 96 pages


...we have four systems of Masonic philosophy. Two are intellectual systems: First that of Preston, whose key word is Knowledge; second, that of Krause, whose key word is Morals. Two are spiritual systems: First that of Oliver, whose key word is Tradition; and second, that of Pike, whose key word is Symbolism...


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LibraryThing member remudoctorlak
An excellent work: Prof. Pound started The Harvard Lodge and has surveyed some of the great thinkers of Freemasonry. In the course of his analysis, Prof. Pound looks at the philosophical background of each: Preston, Pike, Krause, and Oliver. His conclusions, right for his time, are excellent.
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