Secrets of the Widow's Son: The Mysteries Surrounding the Sequel to The Da Vinci Code

by David A. Shugarts

Paper Book, 2005




Sterling (2005), Edition: First Edition, 224 pages


Secrets of the Widow's Son is a revealing look at the themes that will be explored in The Solomon Key, Dan Brown's upcoming sequel to the cultural phenomenon known as The Da Vinci Code. David A. Shugarts provides what Brown's widespread admirers crave most-an enlightening glimpse into the secrets behind Brown's eagerly anticipated new book. Secrets of the Widow's Son is not a plot spoiler- rather, it is an engaging piece of work that will pique readers' interest in The Solomon Key while laying the groundwork for the theories to be explored in Brown's can't-miss sequel. This is essential reading for fans of The Da Vinci Code and a book sure to enrich readers' enjoyment of The Solomon Key.


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½ (13 ratings; 3)

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LibraryThing member eleraama
I bought this at Barnes and Noble for slightly less than $3, mostly because it looked to be vaguely interesting after a scrutiny of the cover and and quick flip-through. Interesting it is, but not terribly deep; it does what it promises to do (reveal some vaguely obscure topics that may appear in
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Dan Brown's next book, The Solomon Key) but only offers cursory glimpses into each topic. The majority of the material concerns itself with a history of the freemasons and their influence in early American history, and how that played a role in the construction of Washington, DC.
Overall, it's a good overview. Certainly it's worth reading, and at the price I paid for it worth buying for reference. I think the best use for the book would probably be as a launch point for further research of your own. If you know nothing about the freemasons, qabbalah, symbolism, etc., then I would recommend the book as a good introduction. But if you're more knowledgeable about esoteric subjects, then you'll hardly be surprised by any of the material. The useful part of the book for you, then, is the appendices, with references for qabbalah, grimoires, etc.
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