The Poster in History: With an Essay on the Development of Poster Art

by Max Gallo

Other authorsBruni Mayor (Translator), Alfred Mayor (Translator), Carlo Arturo Quintvalle (Contributor)
Paper Book, 1974




American Heritage Publishing Co., Inc. (1974), Edition: 1st, 315 pages


Posters are found in public places all over the world. They are usually visually striking, designed to attract the attention of passers-by and entice them to purchase a particular product or service, make them aware of a political viewpoint, or attend a specific event. This remarkable study is an overview of posters throughout history, as well as a representative survey of mass culture from the time of the French Revolution to 2000. Over 450 posters are reproduced here, 250 in full color, selected for both their historical import and their beauty. Author Max Gallo's informative text recapitulates the social and political currents of the day and places each poster in its historical context. The book also includes an essay on the development of poster art by art critic Carlo Arturo Quintavelle. 200 color and 200 black-and-white illustrations.… (more)

Original publication date

1972 (original Italian)
1974 (English translation)




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