The Sacred Geometry of Washington, D.C

by Nicholas R. Mann

Paper Book, 2007




Barnes and Noble (2007), Edition: !st


The Sacred Geometry of Washington, D.C. shows how a system of number and geometric proportion, employed in the temples and cities of many of the great civilizations of the past, is present in the original design of the United States capital. In 1791, as the immense new Federal City took shape upon the landscape, it had to define and balance the powers of the People, the States, the Judiciary, the Legislature and the President. The architect had to give symbolic form to a new democratic republic. But, over the centuries, imbalances crept into this plan. Nicholas Mann describes this story in fascinating detail and asks: if the symbolism of the capital city is intended to be a true expression of America's heart, its innermost values, what can be done to restore the balance and integrity of its original, visionary principles?… (more)



0760794766 / 9780760794760


½ (4 ratings; 3.5)

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