Scottish Rite Ritual Monitor and Guide

by Arturo De Hoyos

Paper Book, 2008




The Supreme Council, 33, South (2008), Edition: 1st edition corrected, 952 pages


Founded in 1801, the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite is the largest branch of freemasonry, an ancient Brotherhood with millions of members worldwide. With an impressive system of thirty-three degrees (steps of initiation), the Scottish Rite offers its members practical instruction for daily living by expounding lessons in philosophy, comparative religion, mythology, and wise morality. Employing drama, metaphor, and symbolism it teaches its members to think clearly and act properly. This profusely illustrated book is the first official guide to the initiatory rituals of the Scottish Rite published in over 100 years, and is the only comprehensive single-volume "monitor" or guidebook ever published by the Mother Supreme Council of the World. Within its pages will be found a history of the Scottish Rite's origins and rituals, an explanation of its major symbols, its structure, and its philosophy. Separate chapters on the Scottish Rite Degrees (4?-32?) include extensive extracts from the authentic rituals, as well as the full and complete texts of Albert Pike's instructive Legendas and Readings. Included are many of the actual lectures and lessons received by candidates, while the appendices contain early Masonic documents, rituals, definitions, cipher alphabets, calendar systems, a suggested reading list and more.… (more)



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Local notes

Given by the widow of WB Steve Sparrow, June 2021


½ (8 ratings; 4.7)

User reviews

LibraryThing member BoyntonLodgeNo236
Great Introduction and discussion for the degrees of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction.
LibraryThing member BoyntonLodgeNo236
A great Introduction and discussion for the degrees of the Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction.

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