Celebrating the Quaker way

by Pink Dandelion

Paper Book, 2010



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London : Quaker Books, 2010.




This pocket-sized book celebrates the Quaker way and affirms the wonderful riches of the Quaker tradition in Britain, and the Quaker "Liberal tradition" more widely. It is a book for Quakers rather than about them. It talks of "us" and "we" and is for "insiders." It is a devotional book, for us.--Back cover.

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LibraryThing member kaulsu
A short reflection piece by Ben Pink Dandelion which challenges Quakers to consider what exactly it is they can claim about themselves. The subtitle to the pamphlet is "For all of us."

Ben writes of Worship, Ministry, Discernment, Community, and Testimonies. He begins the pamphlet with: "I am a
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