Dialogue with the other; Martin Buber and the Quaker experience

by Janet E. Schroeder

Pamphlet, 1973



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CP 192


[Wallingford, Pa., Pendle Hill Publications, 1973]


0875741924 / 9780875741925

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There are several very good stories in this pamphlet, which is mostly about how Martin Buber's ideas contribute to and align with a Quaker approach to God, and what Quakers can learn from Buber. It has helpful insights and quotes, but also many arguments and statements that are unclear (to me, at
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least). The main point seems to be that we can know God in the experience of living in the world.
One of the stories: apparently Martin Buber, in his lectures, refused to answer any questions about God. He felt that such questions were turning God into an object, and he refused to do this. Consider how this aligns with early Friends' rejection of creeds (largely statements about God).
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