The life of Jesus

by E. Renan

Paper Book, 1927



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Modern Library, 1927.

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LibraryThing member gmicksmith
Really easy to read and considered a classic re-definition of the historical Jesus it is more difficult now to appreciate just how revolutionary Renan was considered in his day. His view is more typical of many today who view Jesus as the most sublime man who ever lived. Nonetheless, in his day, Renan was considered innovative and a new approach to the Gospels, Within his lifetime, Renan was best known as the author of the enormously popular Life of Jesus (Vie de J├ęsus). This book was first translated into English during 1863 by Charles E. Wilbour and has remained in print for the past 145 years. Renan's Life of Jesus was lavished with ironic praise and criticism by Albert Schweitzer in his book Quest of the Historical Jesus.

In light of more recent history his view of the "Musselman" is curiously anachronistic and he would now be considered bombastic in his dismissal of Islam.
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LibraryThing member sc4
A classic Leben approach to the historical Jesus. Renan's brief narrative documents the life of Jesus from a rationalistic slant much in the tradition of his day. Miracles are explainable due to the charismatic personality of Jesus, the resurrection of Lazarus was a hoax contrived by his sisters, and Jesus's post resurrection appearance to Mary was a figment of her overactive imagination. Yet despite that Hist Jesus research has moved on from these largely unsubstantiated claims, Renan's influence remains in the minds of modern scholars who still reiterate such explanations for Jesus's life.… (more)
LibraryThing member antiquary
This was considered the classic skeptical (or at least unorthodox) biography in the 19th century, but I must admit I have not read it yet.

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