Timeless simplicity : creative living in a consumer society

by John Lane

Paperback, 2001



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Totnes : Green Books, 2001.

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LibraryThing member HughUK
I first spotted this British book in a slightly wacky new-age bookshop in California. It was a great find, and I have often returned to it. Mr Lane writes superbly well, and with insight and wisdom. Apart from the quality of the writing, the production is also of a high quality, and Clifford Harper's illustrations are a bonus.

The thesis is common enough: the need to attend to the quality of our lives and to dispense with our addiction to quantity, speed and possessiveness. Of all the books on the joy of simplicity, this is by far the most readable and instructive I have come across. The tone is that of a trusted friend chatting helpfully and informally - no hint of lecturing or imperative.
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LibraryThing member jaine9
This book gave me a lot to think about.

"This book is about simplicity - not destitution, nor parsimoniousness, not self-denial - but the restoration of wealth in the midst of an affluence in which we are starving the spirit... Another theme of the book concerns the future of our home, the Earth."

If these are issues that have concerned you in any way then I recommend this book. You may not agree with everything John Lane has to say but it will certainly give you food for thought.
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LibraryThing member TraceyChick
I have just finished reading this and was hooked from the first paragraph of the introduction. This is a book about simplicity-not destitution, not parsimoniousness, not self-denial-but the restoration of wealth in the midst of an affluence in which we are starving of the spirit. It is a book about the advantages of living a less cluttered, stressful life than that which many of us now live, in the over-crowded and manic-paced consuming nations.If any of you are feeling that you need to find a slower pace of life, I recommend that you read this as a good starting point. It is only just over 100 pages long and is a gentle but absorbing read. The book is organised into 6 chapters and covers subjects such as how to reduce expenditure, adopting a positive attitude and following your bliss.It has taken me many years of struggling and a recent severe bout of depression for me to finally start to make positive changes to my life. I have given up my job and begun to take pleasure in performing simple activities such as cooking and knitting. These combined with my love of reading and desire to write and I finally feel that I am living the life I should be.What could you be doing?… (more)


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