The inward journey of Isaac Penington : an abbreviation of Penington's works

by Isaac Penington

Other authorsRobert J. Leach (Editor)
Pamphlet, 1975



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CP 29


[Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications], 1975, 1944.

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This is a Quaker classic, to read and reread. Penington was an early Quaker, and spent some eleven years in prison for it. He wrote beautifully in letters and pamphlets, and many of our favorite early Quaker quotations are from him. He explained wonderfully how to worship, how to respond to the Presence, and how it transforms you. There are several selections of his writings available; this is a brief one, with passages from his pamphlets. He wrote in 17th century English, of course, so a little of this can be somewhat obscure, but plenty comes through and the rest is good to wrestle with.… (more)


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Pendle Hill Pamphlet 29

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CP 29


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