Universalism and Spirituality

by Ralph Hetherington

Paperback, 1993



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Wallingford, PA : Pendle Hill, c1993.

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Hetherington writes a low-key clear explanation of the development of universalist ideas in Quakerism, for example in William Penn, Isaac Penington, George Fox, and Robert Barclay, and through the Quietist period. He also cites other Christian universalist thinkers. Quaker universalism has been developed in liberal Quakerism based on the reality of the Inward Light, the authority and guidance of the Light, and the universal availability of this inward divine source to all people everywhere. He concludes that Quaker universalism is well fitted to provide a theology and discipline to meet the needs of the present, including our ecological crisis.
This is a clear reasoned presentation on a topic that has raised anxious controversy among Friends.
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CP 309


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