Motions of love : Woolman as mystic and activist

by Sterling Olmsted

Pamphlet, 1993



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Wallingford, PA : Pendle Hill Publications, c1993.

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LibraryThing member kaulsu
There is nothing new here about Woolman, but Olmsted does give me a new way of thinking about my own spiritual practices, a way of thinking about how I pay attention to the Spirit moving in my life. Olmsted lifts up certain passages of _The Journal and Major Essays_, which I find helpful. Seeing what has moved others may not change my opinion, yet it does make me pay more attention.… (more)
LibraryThing member QuakerReviews
In this very interesting pamphlet, Olmsted sets out to show us what John Woolman can teach us, since he finds that Woolman's mysticism and activism are very like our own in kind, differing only in degree. Our inner motions may be less demanding and powerful, and our actions less courageous and consistent, but many of us experience such inner motions and calls, and respond in outer actions. Olmsted focuses on the dynamics of Woolman's inner and outer faithfulness, as he explicates John Woolman's writings carefully to describe his beliefs, how he was inwardly moved, and how he responded.
Olmsted reveals to us Woolman as example and guide, who can show us how to attend and respond to our own inner motions of concern, and encourage us to be more faithful.
… (more)


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CP 312/1


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