Ninth hour

by Gilbert Kilpack

Other authorsFritz Eichenberg (Illustrator)
Pamphlet, 1951



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CP 63 c2


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, 1951.

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This is a poetic essay on how we can be Christian in this dark world, in this "ninth hour civilization." The ninth hour refers to the Crucifixion, as Jesus still hung alive on the cross, betrayed and suffering, with darkness over the whole land. Kilpack insists that we are called to carry a light
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in our own dark times. Each of us has a task and a message to give. He has a Christian message about the power and love of Christ and the cross; both the Christian and the non-Christian will find wisdom and love in this pamphlet. "The time will come... when all outward forms which stood as barriers between all children of the Holy Spirit shall fall away." The Eichenberg woodblock is wonderful
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Local notes

Pendle Hill Pamphlet 63; Inscription: Please return to: - Geraldine Lasch, 30, Katoomba Cres., Rosetta. 1953.

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Call number

CP 63 c2


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