Nonviolent direct action as a spiritual path

by Richard K. Taylor

Pamphlet, 2013


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Due 29 Dec 2019

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Wallingford, PA : Pendle Hill Publications, 2013.

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Taylor writes a lovely pamphlet on his experiences of the vivid presence and practical support of God in the midst of nonviolent direct action, often in frightening situations. He describes asking for God's help, and immediately feeling God's powerful presence, peace, warmth, strength, and love. He also writes beautifully of his relationship with Jesus Christ, which developed gradually over time. While he declares that belief in Christ is not necessary for experiencing God in nonviolent action, he himself feels within him the presence of Jesus, the Christ within, during these times. Thus for Taylor, nonviolent direct action has been a spiritual practice for decades. Taylor's experience is an illuminating example of the spiritual source of the testimony of peace.… (more)


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