Readiness for religion

by Harold Loukes

Pamphlet, 1963



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CP 126 c1


[Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, 1963]

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This pamphlet is about how to introduce children to religion, and it may draw a mixed response. On the one hand, it cites research on children's development that is now many decades old, and it assumes explicitly that the ultimate goal is to teach the concepts of God and religion, that is the
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Christian concepts of course. It meanders so in the beginning that it really only starts halfway down page 12. On the other hand, it soundly recommends the approach that Rufus Jones described from his childhood, in Finding the Trail of Life, 1926, of including children in family and meeting worship and prayer, so they will discover the experience themselves. With this recommendation in mind, one could just read Rufus Jones.
The last nine pages address mentoring adolescents; he recommends sympathy and honesty, and meeting young people in the developmental place where they are. While absolutely sound, Loukes' presentation and advice lack any particular insight, and have been superseded by the best of newer writing about parenting and education.
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CP 126 c1


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