Captain Jan : a story of ocean tugboats

by Jan De Hartog

Other authorsCarlos Peacock (Editor), R. B. Sperring (Cover artist)
Hardcover, 1954



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Melbourne : Herald-Sun Readers Book Club, 1954.

Media reviews

‘[Dit boek] is nog steeds zeer leesbaar en in feite actueler dan ooit.’
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Leidsch Dagblad
‘Hollands glorie staat voor nostalgie, stoere zeebonken in barre tijden en voor vele avonden leesplezier. Nog steeds.’

User reviews

LibraryThing member thorold
Splendid seafaring yarn, no pretensions to being great literature, but just the right mixture of adventure and sentiment, with a little touch of picaresque humour here and there. You can easily see how this epic celebration of Dutch stubbornness and seamanship — with its early-20th-century tug-skippers as analogues for 17th century Dutch rovers — became a cult classic in the dark days of the German occupation. Probably the most surprising thing, given the vast amount of experience that seems to be packed into the story, is that de Hartog was only 26 when it came out. It may not be Kipling or Joseph Conrad, but it has a good deal more to offer in range of themes and depth of characterisation than some of the specialist seafaring novelists of the time (Monsarrat and Forester, for instance).… (more)

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