God raising us : parenting as a spiritual practice

by Eileen Flanagan

Other authorsChel Avery (Editor), Mary Helgesen Gabel (Designer)
Pamphlet, 2008



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CP 396/1


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, 2008.



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Pendle Hill Pamphlet 396


When Eileen Flanagan became a mother, her spiritual world was dramatically discomposed. Bringing children into her life required her to find new ways to discern God's leadings; her ways of experiencing connection to the Divine were transformed; and her personal spiritual practices were tried, tested, and ultimately reinvented. In telling her own story -- the challenges faced, the lessons learned - she calls on Friends to recognize parenthood as a phase of spiritual development with special gifts and needs, and suggest ways that we may begin to support the faith lives of parents and help our meetings be more fully multigenerational. Discussion questions are included--Publisher's description.

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In this thoughtful pamphlet, Flanagan declares that through parenthood, God raises us, calling us out of selfishness into awareness, patience, surrender, self-control, and teaching us about peace, simplicity, integrity. And indeed, naming parenting as a spiritual practice can help us to follow this
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path more consciously, attending to the lessons God sends.
Supporting parenting as a spiritual path could help Friends, not only for the families involved but also with meeting outreach.. How can our meetings support the spiritual lives of parents? She has several ideas and invites us to take this challenge.
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CP 396/1


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