The prophetic stream

by William P. Taber

Pamphlet, 1984



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CP 256


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, 1984.

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This is a wonderful pamphlet, by a wise and beloved Friend, interesting, informative, insightful, and lovely. Taber explores the connection between Biblical prophets, Jesus, and Quaker religious experience. He explains what the prophetic experience is and what prophets do for the community (discover the Law or Way of the Spirit, show how it is to be put into practice, and make Spirit available to others). He also reviews the key messages of various prophets: justice, knowledge and experience of God, faithful covenant love, walking with God, faith and a new level of consciousness, the empowering aspects of the Spirit; all these are critical to Jesus and the Christian Bible, and to the early Friends. He declares that George Fox invites us into the midst of the prophetic stream, by helping direct us to the transforming Christ of Fox's own experience, and the transforming experience the prophets spoke of. This is a pamphlet to read slowly, meditatively, devotionally, and probably repeatedly, to absorb the spiritual experience of this long line of prophets.… (more)


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