Evolution and the inward light : where science and religion meet

by Howard H. Brinton

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Pamphlet, 1970



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Wallingford, PA: Pendle Hill Publications,1970.

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In this interesting pamphlet, Brinton uses George Fox's religious philosophy (as Brinton explained it in PHP #161, The Religion of George Fox) as the basis to develop a broader religious philosophy applying to all life, incorporating spiritual reality into evolution. Fox spoke about the evolution
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of humans, which he called "the new birth," empowered by the Inward Light, Christ the Power of God. Brinton applies this concept to the evolution of all life and the universe, empowering all toward higher integration and unity, creation by reconciliation.
Brinton has a sophisticated vision of God's plan for evolution, with the first living cell and all since then containing the Christ spirit, a creative spirit of integration and reconciliation. In the long run, this evolves toward the Kingdom of God. Reconciliation is the only condition for survival. Brinton considers the Quaker community as an example of continuing social evolution.
Brinton's thought here is a challenge to us to integrate spiritual reality with our understanding of material reality as revealed by science. His ideas are suggestive, and can be interesting to all kinds of Friends.
As in all Brinton's writing, the discussion includes interesting Quaker history, commentary on the Bible (e.g., the prophets, Jesus, John's Gospel). description of Quakers' experience of their spiritual development, explanation of how Greek mysticism was introduced into Judaism and thus into early Christianity, and references to other thinkers from Lao-Tse to Albert Schweitzer.
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