The peaceable kingdom

by Jan de Hartog

Other authorsPaul Bacon (Cover designer)
Hardcover, 1972



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London : Hamilton, 1972.

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LibraryThing member anniemktx
I read this book a long time ago, but loved it very much and have never forgotten it. I have read other novels by deHaartog, and he is such a good writer. At the beginning of the book, Margaret goes to visit the English prison, and is horrified by what she sees. "How can God allow this?" she asks. The reply is something to the effect that it is not God who does this, but man.
I read this when I was young, and I'm sure it helped form my values and how I have lived my life. It made a difference. What more can you ask from a book?
The Star of Peace was as good, if not better!
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LibraryThing member pre20cenbooks
Long indeed, I took a long time reading this saga and look forward to reading the part 2. T. Well written narrative and dialog. This story gave me a look at the otherside of Quakerism, political, business, even slavery was an issue for the sect, a source of division. Shows what a charismatic man, George Fox, did with an idea turned into faith. Eye opening… (more)


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A DEH c3
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