Three letters from Africa : to my former students at the University of Pretoria, The University of Natal, Adams College ...

by Edgar Harry Brookes

Other authorsAlan Paton (Foreword), Douglas V. Steere (Introduction)
Pamphlet, 1965



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[Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, 1965]

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inscribed: Olive Hirschfeld

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Brookes, a White liberal South African, wrote a public letter to each of three young men of South Africa, an Afrikaner, and English South African, and an indigenous African. Alan Paton declares in the Foreword that the letters are deeply Christian, for it is righteousness they exalt above all else.
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Brookes wrote beautifully, about how South Africans of all races might yet recognize reality and righteousness and work together for a freedom in South Africa for them all. But the interest in this pamphlet now lies largely in comparing subsequent history with the ideas of this prescient and caring man.
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CP 139/2


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