Visible witness : a testimony for radical peace action

by Wilmer J. Young

Pamphlet, 1961



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CP 118


[Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, 1961]

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Young tells his story of protest and civil disobedience to preparations for nuclear war, and discusses the challenge of communicating clearly and visibly the pacifist objections to preparations for war and their positive program for peacemaking and nonviolent resistance. There is scope for many good ideas and roles for everyone in this work. Young thoughtfully reviews various actions of the movement against the nuclear arms race in his time, and asks us to do our part in resisting the madness of disaster to mankind. It's a good Quaker pamphlet by a Friend who lived his Quaker faith.… (more)

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Pendle Hill Pamphlet 118

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Call number

CP 118


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