No shame, no fear

by Ann Turnbull

Paperback, 2004



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Cambridge, Mass. : Candlewick Press, 2004.

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LibraryThing member Fleur-De-Lis
I rather liked this book. It's written about a Quaker girl, and her family and the way that they were discriminated against.

It's also a love story between the girl and a boy she meets who turns away from his rich family and their religious beliefs because of his love for the girl and the simple beliefs of the quakers.

A great read!
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LibraryThing member mvillhauer
Susanna is a young Quaker girl who goes into the city to begin work as an apprentice. She meets Will, a wealthy young man, who has become interested in the Quaker way of life much to his father's misgivings. The two fall in love and endure hostility from townspeople about their religion.
LibraryThing member stephxsu
England, 1662, at the beginning of the Quaker prosecution. 15-year-old Susanna Thorn decides she’s old enough to get a job in town in order to support her Quaker family. 17-year-old William has just returned from Oxford, and his rags-to-riches father is encouraging him to be apprenticed to a good connection in London. Their paths cross accidentally one day in the middle of the road, and their lives are changed forever.

William finds himself inexplicably drawn to Susanna and her Quaker tradition. He begins to attend these illegal Quaker gatherings with the full knowledge that if his father finds out he will have a heart attack and probably disown his only son. Meanwhile, the prosecution of the Quakers is hitting Susanna hard, hurting those she loves, and she fears for her beloved William’s life.

William and Susanna’s relationship is a love that by all means should not occur, and yet with true love, they just might be able to make it out alright. Their story is sweet and full of the tense detail of excellent historical fiction. Anyone who likes historical fiction and a good love story should read this book.
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LibraryThing member bookenthusiast100
An warm and realistic story of a poor 17th century Quaker girl and an upper-class boy, their love story and the persecution of Quakers in 17th century Britain. Got me very interested in Quakers.
LibraryThing member mmillet
A touching story about a young man and woman who are trying to find their place in the world. The book is told from two perspectives - Susanna and William. Susanna is a Quaker and has moved to the city to find work to support her family. William is a wealthy young man who is intrigued by the light and honesty of the Quakers and by Susanna. She is open, honest and unlike any of the girls in his society. William is intrigued with her faith and is drawn into her community even though his family disapproves. Quaker meetings are soon outlawed and the two face imprisonment, disgrace and many hardships. Their courtship is sweet and honest. The characters were fascinating and it was interesting to learn more about this 'peaceful' group of people who were ostracized from society. I think their story continues in another book... at least I hope so.… (more)

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Quaker Trilogy, book 1

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