John Woolman and the 20th century

by Reginald Reynolds

Pamphlet, 1958



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CP 96 c2


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, [1958]

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Reynolds, an English Friend and Woolman scholar, describes John Woolman's role in the late 18th century in shifting the view among Friends to a determination that the institution of slavery must go. He explains why Woolman was effective, since he lived what he discerned to be right, and he loved
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and cared about the people to whom he brought his message of justice. Woolman's method, he says, is the personal approach to the social problem. It is more important to win the man than the argument. And ideas spread by personal influence, from living your convictions; this is what reaches people.
Reynolds then asks, what is going on now in the 20th century that is parallel to what happened in the 18th century? His answer dates from the mid-20th century; it is a good question for us to answer. This is a pleasant rambling discussion.
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Local notes

Pendle Hill Pamphlet 96; The author reflects on the thoughts of Woolman and their applications in contemporary society. (from Pendle Hill bookstore); inscription: Dorothy M. Gibbons. 1.1.1959

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CP 96 c2


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