What is Quakerism? : an exposition of the leading principles and practices of the Society of Friends, as based on the experience of "The inward light"

by Edward Grubb

Hardcover, 1929



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London : G. Allen & Unwin, ltd., [1929]

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"For American readers especially--and it should be remembered that some 86 per cent. of the people called Friends are to be found on the other side of the Atlantic--a word seems to be needed to explain why the author has written throughout from the standpoint of an English Quaker, and why he has made little or no attempt to indicate the rather different positions of the various bodies of Friends in the United States and Canada. HE recognizes with thankfulness that each of these bodies has an important contribution to make to an understanding of what Quakerism really is; but he attempt to set forth this would have required the discussion of theological and other questions for which this book is not the place. "… (more)

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