Tempted by happiness : Kazantkakis' post-Christian Christ

by Peter Bien

Pamphlet, 1984



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Wallingford, Pa.: Pendle Hill Publications, 1984.

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This quite wonderful pamphlet raises for us fundamental questions of spiritual development, as it provides a guide to Kazantzakis' great novel, The Last Temptation of Christ. He asks: what is spiritual growth for us humans in an oppressive and violent world? While readers may well not agree with
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some or all of Kazantzakis' answers, the questions will resonate and will challenge many readers to take another step along on their own paths, in any of several ways. Written in 1950-51, the novel transcends a literary context (as described by Bien) that seems rather dated, in terms of both psychoanalytic theory and scholarship on Jesus. It does this by means of its still- or ever-current understanding of spirit, spiritual development, and the human challenge, not to say predicament, of living in both material and spiritual reality.
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