Bearing witness : Quaker process and a culture of peace

by J. Gray Cox

Pamphlet, 1985



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CP 262/1


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, c1985.


0875742629 / 9780875742625

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This is an interesting and intelligent pamphlet, a thoughtful expression of the Quaker way. Succinctly, the implication of what he writes is that the Quaker process of centering, waiting and listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and then living by that guidance provides a way of living
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that makes peace, justice, and harmony. It is a way that makes peace into a verb, and guides us to live "peacing." Quakers have a way of speaking and behaving that is different from the dominant culture we live in, based on a different conception of reality, and that provides the seeds for a new culture of peace. For the reader, it is well worth persevering through an academic style that is fairly dry.
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CP 262/1


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