Nonviolence on trial

by Robert W. Hillegass

Pamphlet, 1987



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Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill Publications, 1987.

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inscription: Frances Thorsen

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This wonderful pamphlet is an account of the author's experience with nonviolent action and thinking in the 1980s. More, it is an account of his growing understanding of nonviolence, faith, and loving confrontation. It is an honest, sensitive reflection, arising out of experience, that deepens both
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his and our understanding of our situation, of nonviolence, and of faith.
Hillegass relates how he felt called to nonviolent witness, but it was through acting this witness that he came to discover what he believed. Some kinds of truth can only be known through direct experience, he asserts, and this is true of the mysterious power of nonviolence. Integrating knowing, feeling, and acting into Being is a necessary precondition of spirituality. It was only in the process of giving himself to an action he felt impelled to take that he began to own truths like love your enemy, overcome evil with good, there is no way to peace but peace is the way; they then radiated life and meaning to him.
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CP 274/2


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