Letter to a universalist

by John Punshon

Pamphlet, 1989



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CP 285/2


Wallingford, Pa. : Pendle Hill, c1989.

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In this pamphlet, Punshon posits a crisis of identity for unprogrammed Quakerism, between universalism and Quaker Christianity. Punshon argues that Quakers must be Christian because Christian doctrine is the Truth, and also early Quakers were Christians. He argues doctrine, rather than helps us open to the guidance of the Spirit. There are interesting points here, but in a way, it shows why the Quakers eschewed doctrinal debate and argument; these lead away form the experience of the Presence rather than lead to it. More than a passionate defense of Quakerism as Christian, it feels not only argumentative, but aggressive at times. While he posits his definition of universalism, he does not attempt a balanced presentation of both points of view.… (more)


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Pendle Hill Pamphlet 285

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Call number

CP 285/2


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