The Quakers in the American colonies

by Rufus M. Jones

Other authorsIsaac Sharpless (Assistant), Amelia M. Gummere (Assistant)
Hardcover, 1911



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London : Macmillan and co., limited, 1911.


This book is an attempt to study historically and critically the religious movement inaugurated in the New World by the Quakers, an important movement both for the history of the development of religion and for the history of the American Colonies, and to present it not only in its external setting but also in the light of its inner meeting. At the time of original publication in 1911, Rufus M. Jones, M.A., D.Litt., was Professor of Philosophy at Haverford College; Isaac Sharpless, D.Sc., was President of Haverford College; and Amelia M. Gummere, was author of The Quaker - A Study in Costume.

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QH JON special
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