Obadiah the Bold

by Brinton Turkle

Other authorsBrinton Turkle (Illustrator)
Paperback, 1965



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JC QH TUR v1 c1



[New York] : Puffin Books, 1977, c1965.

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LibraryThing member eecnelsen
Obedia is a Quaker boy don't let the old English hinder the reading of this book. Kids will love it and its a great way to introduce new beliefs and language to children. Obedia gets a looking glass he thinks he wants to be a pirate until he learns what they do. His father tells him about his grandfather that he was named after who bravly sailed the seas. This is a touching story. The illistrations are vague but intresting.… (more)
LibraryThing member wichitafriendsschool
The days of Clipper ships and Whalers in the quaint colonial village of Nantucket form the backdrop to these heartwarming tales of a Quaker family and the often rambunctious but always delightful Obadiah. In this tale, Obadiah has determined to become a fearless pirate when he grows up—to roam the seas with buried treasure in secret places! But the gift of an heirloom telescope and a gentle lesson from his father on true bravery give Obadiah an entirely new perspective on courage.… (more)


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JC QH TUR v1 c1


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