The politics of nonviolent action: Part One: Power and Struggle

by Gene Sharp

Other authorsMarina Finkelstein (Editor)
Paperback, 1973



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Boston : P. Sargent Publisher, [1973]

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LibraryThing member Anseynol
One of the most underappreciated books in political theory, this book deserves to be read and digested by all students of political power. The conclusion, for those who have not arrived at it themselves, is that the 'powerful' have power only as long as the 'weak' keep giving them the power. (Of course, this needs clarification in the case of those who already have their fingers on triggers of WMDs...) Gene Sharp is still alive, and deserves our admiration and support.… (more)


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attached note: Presented by V. R. Meeting Peace Group October 1987

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